ICGEE2024 welcomes all papers based on the field of civil and environmental engineering. Submitted papers will be reviewed by experts in the field based on criteria such as originality, importance, and, quality. Papers may cover the following topics:

Track 1: Geosynthetic Applications and Sustainability
· Fundamentals of Geosynthetic Engineering
· Geotechnical and Geosynthetic Engineering
· Geosynthetics and Applications
· Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering
· Fundamentals of Geosynthetics
· Soil-geosynthetic Interaction
· Geosynthetic Applications
· Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering
· Soil reinforcement and Geosynthetics
· Analysis, Design, Construction and Field Monitoring of Structures
· Constructed with Geosynthetics
· Practical Applications of Geosynthetics
· Geosynthetics and Geotechnical Engineering
· Functions of Geosynthetics
· Advantages of Geosynthetics
· Disadvantages of Geosynthetics
· Manufacturing Process of Geosynthetics
· Improving Stability and Strength of Structures with Geosynthetics
· Geosynthetics Production and Design
· Geotextiles
· Jewell’s Method for Geogrid Reinforcement
· Geomembranes
· Geosynthetic Clay Liners
· Geocomposites
· Mechanics of Reinforced Soil
· Reinforced Soil Structures
Track 2: Civil and Structural Engineering
· Civil Engineering Technology
· Civil Engineering Surveying
· Civil Engineering Machines
· Civil Engineering Seismic
· Geological Engineering
· Structural Engineering
· Railway Engineering
· Highway Engineering
· Seismic Engineering
· Tunnel and Bridge Engineering
· Civil Engineering Machinery and Equipment
· Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
· Architecture and Building Materials
· Engineering Structures and Earthquake Resistance
· Engineering Monitoring and Testing Technology
· High-Rise Building Construction Technology
· Building Reconstruction Technology
· Technology for Structural Repair, Reconstruction and Reinforcement
· Concrete Structure, Steel Structure and Related Technologies
· Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology
· Decoration, Waterproof and Basic Technology
· Technologies for Building Components Production
· Building Water Heating and Equipment
· Building Power Systems
· Technologies for Construction Equipment Installation
· Construction Technology
· Construction Energy-saving Technology
· Smart Building Technology
Track 3: Environmental Engineering and Science
· Environmental protection materials
· Environmental Safety and Health
· Environmental Planning and Assessment
· Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
· Environmental Restoration Project
· Pollution Control Project
· Waste Treatment and Recycling
· Water Supply and Drainage Works
· Noise and Vibration Control
· Clean Production Process
· Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
· Building Environment and Equipment Engineering
· Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
· Resource Management
· Ecological Environment Protection
· Forest Cultivation and Protection
· Plant Protection
· Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Science
· Land, Resources and Environment and Urban and Rural Planning
· Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Low Carbon Concept
· Urban and Regional Planning
· Development and Management of Energy Industry
· Environmental Protection and Economic Development
· Global Climate Change and International Carbon Emission Reduction Cooperation
· Analysis of International Energy Demand and Supply
· National Energy Strategy and Decision Analysis
· Production and Operation of Energy Enterprises
· Ecological Economy, Circular Economy and Low Carbon Economy

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